2014 Winner: Chance Taylor

Taylor_KeenanPrize300Chance Taylor is a current student at the University of Winnipeg, aiming for a four-year degree in Philosophy. He is interested in moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, and the question of value. Outside of philosophy he has made experimental films for underground film festivals, and is interested in art, literature, and law, among other subjects. He hopes to continue his education after completing his undergraduate degree.

Download his winning paper The Children of Kant and Hegel: The Encyclopaedia Logic and Liberalism and comment on it below.

The Children of Kant and Hegel: The Encyclopaedia Logic and Liberalism

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to explore Hegel’s thought, as explicated in The Encyclopaedia Logic, and its implications for modern liberalism. It is my contention that this formulation of liberalism has withstood two similar attacks, first in the form of Hegel’s reaction against Kant, and, in the 20th century, the communitarian critique of Rawls’ A Theory of Justice. Taking a queue from Hegel, the paper will assume a triadic structure wherein I will spend time exploring both attacks, considering how the second was in sense a restatement of the first, and ultimately conclude with some areas where a sublation of the two accounts may lead us to a more compassionate enlightenment.

2014 Short List

Congratulations to the the following applicants whose papers were short listed for the Keenan Prize for 2014!

  • Andy (Sun Jae) Kim from Queen’s University – Is Judicial Review Appropriate in a Democracy?
  • Yuan Zhang from Queen’s University – Toleration, Justice and the Law of Peoples
  • Bianca Crewe from Victoria University – Discourse Ethics, Public Sphere Theory, and Radical Social Transformation
  • David Winters from Brandon University – Perchance, A Necessary Peace? Kant and Contingent-Necessity

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