2015 Winner: Louis Ramirez

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Louis Ramirez, from McGill University, is a busboy with dreams of one day becoming a philosophy teacher. In the little spare time that surviving the prior and striving for the latter leave him, he enjoys music, the company of his friends, tireless support of his family, and dancing to loud electronic music in dark rooms. Outside teaching, Louis’ research interests in philosophy ultimately stem from a desire for wisdom and happiness, something he feels contemporary philosophy has discarded as a valid topic of inquiry. He is presently interested in questions of personhood and mental health, as well as autonomy.

Download his winning paper The Autonomy Case for Regulating Hate Speech.

The Autonomy Case for Regulating Hate Speech

Abstract: Traditionally, considerations for personal autonomy have weighed into arguments in favor of tolerating hate speech. In this paper, I argue such considerations support regulating hate speech, and not tolerating it.

2015 Short List

Congratulations to the the following applicants whose papers were short listed for the Keenan Prize for 2015!

  • David Winters from Brandon University – Socrates and The Destroyer of Laws
  • Adrian K. Yee from The University of British Columbia – On Some Limitations of Logic and Liberalism
  • Paolo Camporese from Simon Fraser University- The End of Historical Explanations
  • Catherine van Reenen from The University of Winnipeg – The Immanent Enframing: Technology and Modernity