2016 Winner: Joseph Baker

Joseph Baker,
is a recent graduate (June 2016) from Carleton University’s Bachelor of Humanities Program. His research interest lies in a holistic engagement with the question of what philosophy is – namely one which can account simultaneously for its theoretical, ethical, political and pedagogical dimensions.  He is currently seeking admission to graduate programs in philosophy.

Download his winning paper The Thought of George Grant: the Meaning of Philosophy in Modern Times.



The Thought of George Grant: The Meaning of Philosophy in Modern Times

Abstract: George Grant thinks that philosophy (contemplation of the human good) is currently impossible and yet most necessary for moderns, who are self-ignorantly absorbed in their own freedom. For those who are most absorbed and ignorant it might paradoxically become possible through their longing.

2016 Short List

Congratulations to the the following applicants whose papers were short listed for the Keenan Prize for 2016!

  • Ariel Melamedoff from the University of Winnipeg – Posterity Measures: Progress and Peace in Immanuel Kant’s Political Theory
  • Ian Campbell from Concordia University – Justifying Equality
  • William Maidment from Queen’s University – The Structural Limits of Penal Theory
  • Adrian Yee from the University of British Columbia – Objective Arbiters and the Limits of Law